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December 2023  click here

  • Year-End Tax Cutting Moves to Consider
  • Have Fun With This Year’s Holiday Quiz!
  • Watch Out For These Unexpected Tax Surprises!
  • Ingredients of a Successful Business Partnership

November 2023  click here

  • Tax Planning: Now More Important Than Ever
  • 2024 Social Security Changes
  • Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Your Business
  • Spend Less with These 5 Money Tips

October 2023  click here

  • Tax Court Corner – Three Cases, Three Great Tips
  • The IRS is NOT Always Right
  • 5 Great Money Ideas
  • Your Online Identity is Not Your Own!

September 2023  click here

  • The Trouble With 0% Financing
  • Your Home is a Bundle of Tax Benefits
  • Sharpen Your AI Toolkit for the Upcoming School Year
  • Take a Look at Better Savings Rates

August 2023  click here

  • When to Call: Common Situations that Require a Tax Review
  • Mastering Your Credit Card (and Not the Other Way Around!)
  • Thinking Differently: An Approach to Creative Problem Solving
  • 6 Tips for Lower Car Insurance Rates

July 2023  click here

  • Common Tax Questions
  • Pull Your Property Taxes Back Down to Earth
  • Prepare Your Finances for More Interest Rate Hikes
  • Surprise Bills: Prepare Your Business for the Unexpected

June 2023  click here

  • Make Your Child’s Summer Break a Tax Break!
  • Shield Your Emergency Fund From Inflation
  • Ideas to Save Money this Summer
  • Never Take on the IRS Alone!

May 2023  click here

  • Calling All Taxpayers: Plan Now or Pay Later
  • Tax Tips for Your Summer Job
  • Graduation Season: A Great Time to Review Money Basics
  • Safeguarding Your Business’s Cash with Segregation of Duties

April 2023  click here

  • Tax Quiz – The Very First Form 1040
  • Help Older Adults Stand Up Against Scams
  • Great Money Habits
  • Everyone Wants a Piece of Your Income

March 2023  click here

  • New Tax Rules Mean Changes for Retirement Accounts
  • Attention Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!
  • Getting the Most Out of Homeowners Insurance
  • Tips for Working Beyond Retirement Age

February 2023  click here

  • Why You Should File Your Tax Return Early
  • Tips to Make Sure Your Tax Return Doesn’t Get Stuck!
  • Keys to Success as an Independent Contractor
  • Jumpstart Your Savings with These 3 Rules

January 2023  click here

  • It’s Tax Time! Tips to Get Organized
  • Alternative Ideas to New Year’s Resolutions
  • Plan Your Retirement Savings Goals for 2023
  • Correcting Common Financial Mistakes

December 2022  click here

  • Year-End Tax Cutting Ideas
  • Test Your Holiday Song Knowledge!
  • Identity Thieves Love Tax Season
  • Fork in the Road: Repair or Replace Your Vehicle

November 2022  click here

  • Social Security to See Significant Adjustment for 2023
  • Tax Court Corner
  • Raising a Financially Savvy Child
  • ‘Tis the Season for Gift Card Fraud

October 2022  click here

  • Still Time to Reduce any Tax Surprises!
  • Ideas to Improve Your Personal Cash Flow
  • New Terms and Trends: Do You Know Them?
  • Ingredients of a Successful Business Partnership

September 2022  click here

  • New Electric Vehicle and Other Energy Credits
  • Under the Hood
  • Tips to Protect Your Social Security Number
  • Taming Monthly Bill Creep

August 2022  click here

  • 5 Great Things to Know about IRAs
  • Turning Your Hobby Into a Business
  • Tips to improve your credit score
  • Great Ways to Avoid Vacation Spending Traps

July 2022  click here

  • Layering Your Bank Accounts
  • Watch for These Tax Surprises
  • Shrinkflation is Upon Us!
  • Your Business Mileage Deduction Just Became More Valuable

June 2022  click here

  • Start Your Tax Planning NOW!
  • Hustling for Extra Income
  • Money Management Tips for Couples
  • Make Your Child’s Summer Break a Tax Break

May 2022  click here

  • Tax Consequences of Virtual Transactions
  • Maximizing Your Working From Home Opportunity
  • Watch Out! Vacation Costs That Sneak Up on You
  • Summer Jobs and Taxes

April 2022  click here

  • A Fun State Tax Quiz. Go Figure…
  • Protect Your Emergency Fund From Inflation
  • Common April Tax Questions Answered!
  • Help Your High School Student Become Money Smart

March 2022  click here

  • The Secret to a Quick Tax Refund
  • Read the Fine Print
  • Tax Saving Tips for Parents AND Grandparents
  • Review Financial Decisions When Interest Rates Change

February 2022  click here

  • Easy-to-Overlook Tax Documents
  • I Owe Tax on That?
  • Great Tips for Your Home-Based Business
  • Protecting Your Digital Footprint

January 2022  click here

  • Make Order Out of Chaos
  • If You Wait, It’s Too Late!
  • Plan Your Retirement Savings Goals for 2022
  • Small Business Tax Return To-Do-List

December 2021  click here

  • Court Is In Session – Notable Tax Court Cases
  • Holiday Quiz: These Hot Toys Created Shortages
  • Five Great Money Tips
  • Surprise Bills: Prepare Your Business for the Unexpected

November 2021  click here

  • Tax Moves to Make Before Year-End
  • Social Security Announces 2022 Adjustments
  • The Greatest Theft in America
  • Year-End Tax Planning Ideas For Your Business

October 2021  click here

  • IRS Warns of Identity Theft Signs
  • This Bank Secret Can Be Yours
  • Tips For Dealing With Common Accounts Payable Problems
  • The Tweet Worth $2.9 Million!

September 2021  click here

  • Time to Schedule Your Tax Planning Session
  • Protect Your Valuables BEFORE Thieves Arrive
  • Give Your Business an End-of-Summer Check-up
  • It’s BACK! Inflation is Among Us

August 2021  click here

  • Get Your Child Tax Credit Payments NOW!
  • Make the Most of Your Vehicle Expense Deduction
  • I See Where You Go and What You Do
  • Get the Best Bank for Your Buck

July 2021  click here

  • Ideas to Lower Your 2021 Tax Bill
  • Good Debt Versus Bad Debt
  • Hi-Tech Travel – Just Around the Corner
  • Small Business IRS Audit Mistakes

June 2021  click here

  • Know This Number!
  • The Wonderful World of Podcasts
  • Hire Your Kids for Tax Savings
  • How to Roll with a Continuous 12-Month Forecast

May 2021  click here

  • Tax History Trivia!
  • The Art of Bill Paying
  • Helping Your Fellow Business Owner
  • How to Protect Your Kids Online

April 2021  click here

  • ALERT! Late Tax Legislation Creating Havoc
  • New Tax Breaks Benefit Millions
  • The Gift of Grace
  • Businesses Get More Time to Apply For PPP Loans

March 2021  click here

  • Answers to Common Tax Questions
  • Your Turn! New and Classic Board Games
  • The New World of Bank Reconciliations
  • Get Your Contractor or Employee Classification Right!

February 2021  click here

  • 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Tax Return Doesn’t Get Stuck
  • Be Prepared For These Pandemic-Related Tax Surprises
  • Organized Business Records Save Time and Money
  • Your Identity is NOT Your Own!

January 2021  click here

  • More Stimulus Payments on the Way
  • PPP Loan Expenses Are Now Tax Deductible
  • 2021 Retirement Plan Limits
  • Uncle Sam’s New Year’s Resolutions

December 2020  click here

  • Turn Your Home Office Into a Tax Deduction
  • Common IRS Surprises
  • A Happy Banker Makes for a Happy Business
  • Ideas to Help the Virtual Learning Challenge

November 2020  click here

  • Saving Too Much Can Sometimes Be Expensive
  • Social Security Benefits Increase in 2021
  • Everyday Tips For Easier Living!
  • How to Walk the Tightrope When Raising Prices

October 2020  click here

  • Is a Tax Trap Lurking in Your Paycheck?
  • Switching Jobs? Here’s What To Do With Your 401(k)
  • Don’t Make These Business Website Mistakes
  • The Lowdown on the Great Autumn Gourd

September 2020  click here

  • IRS Announces Common Tax Scams
  • Great Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
  • Wardrobe Shopping Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank
  • Find a Budget Method That Works

August 2020  click here

  • NEW Tax Rules for 2020!
  • Should You Incorporate Your Business?
  • Don’t Make These Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes
  • Build a Fortress Defense for PPP Loan Forgiveness

July 2020  click here

  • IMPORTANT! You May Owe a Tax Payment This Month
  • Help! My Stimulus Payment is Wrong or Missing!
  • Small Business Owners Get Good News on PPP Loan Forgiveness
  • Get Rid of Your Kids’ Summertime Blues

June 2020  click here

  • Think Before Tapping 401(k) as Emergency Fund
  • Be Prepared for Pandemic Tax Surprises
  • The New Face of Banking
  • Ideas to Help Local Businesses

May 2020  click here

  • Key 2020 Coronavirus Tax Changes
  • Get Your Money: Ensure You Receive a Stimulus Payment
  • Ideas to Help Make Payments During Tough Times
  • Protect Your Video Conference Meetings

April 2020  click here

  • Tax Deadlines Move to July 15
  • New Law Requires Small Business to Provide Paid Leave
  • Tax Quiz: Who’s the Highest?
  • Spare Change Goes Digital

March 2020  click here

  • The IRS Data Theft Problem
  • Live Streaming Entertainment is Changing!
  • Should You Buy or Rent a Home?
  • How to Succeed as an Independent Contractor

February 2020  click here

  • Finding the Balance of Income vs. Spending
  • New Rules Mean Saving More for Retirement
  • Valentine’s Day – Did you know?
  • New W-4 Creates Questions for Human Resources

January 2020  click here

  • Make Your Cash Worth More
  • There’s Still Time to Fund Your IRA
  • 2020 Retirement Plan Limits
  • Fail-Proof Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 2019  click here

  • Time for a Yearly Credit Report
  • 3 Major Charity Scam Red Flags
  • Cash Flow: A Central Part of Your Business Plan
  • Winter Wonderland Trivia

November 2019  click here

  • Save Money With These Year-End Ideas
  • 2020 Social Security Benefits
  • Reminder: Major Employment Tax Deadlines
  • The Power of Cultivating Gratitude

October 2019  click here

  • Another Year, Another New 1040
  • Bill collector calling? Know your rights
  • Amazon and eBay Sales Tax ALERT!
  • Decoding the New Dating Scene

September 2019  click here

  • The IRS Is Not Always Right
  • Select the Right Health Insurance for Your Business
  • Help Older Adults Stand Up Against Scams
  • Why You Need to Read the Fine Print

August 2019  click here

  • I Owe Tax on That?
  • Headed to the Fair? Avoid These Spending Traps
  • Smart Tactics to Manage Student Debt
  • Cash Flow Concepts That Can Save Your Business

July 2019  click here

  • Effective Tax Planning Starts Now!
  • Can’t Miss Stops for Your Summer Road Trip
  • What You Need To Know About IRS Audits
  • Make Setting Salaries Easier With These 5 Steps

June 2019  click here

  • 5 Summer Tax Savings Opportunities
  • Get Your Life Back! Ideas to Unplug
  • Payroll Fraud Schemes Every Business Should Know
  • Never Take on the IRS Alone

May 2019  click here

  • You Know You Need Tax Planning If…
  • Al Capone, Aunt Becky, Tax Fraud and You!
  • Watch Out! 7 Vacation Costs That Sneak Up on You
  • 4 Key Elements of Great Business Books

April 2019  click here

  • Tax Quiz: Wild State Tax Laws
  • 4 Key Metrics to Fortify Your Business
  • Leasing vs. Buying a Car
  • Tax Day is Here!

March 2019  click here

  • Oh No! Your Tax Refund is Now a Bill
  • Hints to Eliminate Monthly Bill Creep
  • Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!
  • Candyland Getting Stale? Try These Board Games

February 2019  click here

  • Tips to Protect Yourself From Tax Scams
  • How to Correct Common Financial Mistakes
  • 7 Tax-Free Ideas to Bolster Your Business Benefits Package
  • 5 Things Every High School Senior Should Know

January 2019  click here

  • Tips for a Faster Refund
  • Every Business Needs Cash!
  • Hey Alexa. Are you Making Me Dumb?
  • How to Raise a Financially Savvy Child

December 2018  click here

  • 6 Last-Second Money-Saving Tax Moves
  • Retirement Contributions Get a Boost in 2019
  • It’s Your Money. Get it Back NOW!
  • The New Business Deduction

November 2018  click here

  • 5 Annual Tax Essentials
  • Retirees Should Check Withholdings…or Else…
  • The IRS Loves Your Business … and That is NOT Good
  • Turkey Trivia

October 2018  click here

  • Time to Launch Your Tax Strategy
  • Keys to Creating a Satisfying Retirement
  • Fraud? Negligence? Know the Difference!
  • Six Ideas to Help Your Business Survive AND Thrive
  • Find Your Sleep Sweet Spot
  • Hustling for Extra Income

September 2018  click here

  • Is a Tax Surprise Waiting for You?
  • Education: Tax Changes You Need to Know
  • The Eye-Opening Video Games Phenomena
  • Combat Employee Turnover
  • Give your Credit Score a Boost
  • Hedging Against a Trade War

August 2018  click here

  • Student Loan Forgiveness Creates New Tax Trap
  • Ideas to Improve Your Financial Health
  • Dramatic Sales Tax Change
  • Are you Sharing Too Much Information Online?
  • Setting up Your Business Accounting System
  • Manage Capital Gains Tax Tips

July 2018  click here

  • Five Tax Breaks for New Parents
  • How Long Will It Last?
  • Become Debt-Free
  • Is It Worth It to Amend Your Return?
  • Elements of a Good Business Partnership
  • Useful Online Productivity and Security Tools

June 2018  click here

  • Tax Planning Time
  • Six Home Ownership Tax Benefits
  • Unconventional Summer Vacation Ideas
  • Five Great Finance Tips Everyone Should Know
  • Overlooked Business Metrics
  • New! Small Business Medical Leave Credit

May 2018  click here

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update
  • Handling Health Care Coverage Gaps
  • Protect Yourself From Port-Out Scams
  • Managing Money Tips for Couples

April 2018  click here

  • Tax Quiz: So You Think Our Taxes Are Crazy?
  • Know the Top IRS Tax Scams
  • When an Extension May Make Sense
  • Win the Battle Against Retirement Health Care Costs

March 2018  click here

  • Answers to Commonly Asked Tax Questions
  • Alert: Expired Tax Breaks Revived for 2017
  • Your Brain on Social Media
  • Staying Organized Before and After Tax Time

February 2018  click here

  • New Tax Legislation Requires Planning
  • Your New Life as a Pass-Through Entity Owner
  • Taxes and Virtual Currencies
  • How to Navigate the World of Crowdfunding

January 2018  click here

  • Tax Reform in 2018
  • Best Way to Avoid an Audit: Preparation
  • Where Did My Retirement Go?
  • A Better Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions
  • Mileage Rates for 2018