Valuation Services for your Business or Medical Practice

We work with law firms and healthcare entities on preparing business valuations for buy-sell, merger and acquisition, charitable donation, estate tax and divorce proceedings.  Mr. Weinblatt has performed over 100 business valuations.

The most common reasons for a valuation are:

  • Selling or merging your practice/business
  • Taking on a new associate or partner
  • Paying out a retiring associate
  • Planning for your own retirement
  • Divorce
  • Estate Tax
  • Charitable Donation

During the valuation process, we consider the value of tangible assets (eg. equipment, furniture, fixtures), along with intangible assets (goodwill, patient/customer lists, patents, name recognition, etc). We consider the three approaches to valuing a business. These include the Cost, the Market, and theIncome approaches. Feel free to call or contact us with questions about the process.